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Two Beds?

Ok. This is a rather weird question, but I'm not finding anything. *sweatdrop*
I am tranferring to a school in the fall where I will most likely be rooming with my girlfriend. (yay!)
As she is my girlfriend, I would like to sleep in the same bed as her. Two people in one dorm-type bed= DOOM. We've done it. Bleh. So basically, I'm looking for some good hints to make this combined bed as comfortable as possible.

My tentative plan is to push the beds together(duh), tie the actual frames together so they don't slip apart, maybe fill the space between with....something(?) then cover the whole lot with foam cut to fit. If I can find a mattress pad cheapish (a king?) I want to add a panel near the foot to add length. Ditto sheets. (Think me adding a strip of fabic near the bottom to lengthen while not having to lie on it.)
I am fairly crafty, have access to lots of craft type materials and fabic, a sewing machine etc...
Blankets etc, I have under control as we'll both have our own....

Do you think this would work?
Any other suggestions or places to post this?

Apperently the matteress is "standard extra long size" according to the school. Anyone have an idea what the difference is between standard twin and extra long twin?
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